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MFI offers delivery of ready mixed concrete to commercial and residential locations via Front Discharge mixers. The advantages of our Front-Discharge mixers far out-way those of conventional Rear-Discharge mixers.

  • Enhanced Safety

    • Increased visibility
      The driver does not have to rely on someone directing them into the site, while watching through the mirrors; instead they pull forward onto the jobsite and are able to see all of the surroundings and potential hazards.

    • Automatic Transmissions
      The driver is able to concentrate on directing the flow of concrete and instructions from the customer, rather than concentrating on “working the clutch”.

  • Operational Efficiency

    • All-Wheel Drive
      Equipped with All-Wheel drive, our front-discharge mixers are better able to position the truck more strategically for unloading.

    • Hydraulic Chutes
      With the use of hydraulic chutes, the driver is able to control the position of the chutes and direct the placement of the concrete, all from within the cab.

  • Improved Productivity

    • Our hydraulic chutes allow the contractor to use less labor and time for placement of the concrete since there is no need for a “chute” man.

    • Every truck comes standard to the job with 4 chute extensions, resulting in over 18 feet of reach from the front of the truck.

Dimensions of Truck
Height: 13’3"
Width: 8’
Weight (fully loaded 10 yds): Approximately 70,000 lbs


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